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Bozek Orthodontics at 4300 Upper Middle Road Unit 5 in Burlington, Ontario

Bozek Orthodontics in 4300 Upper Middle Road Unit 5, Ontario: reviews, opening times, drive directions, photos, contacts etc.

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4300 Upper Middle Road Unit 5,
Burlington, Ontario
L7M 4P6
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Reviews about Bozek Orthodontics

  • I had braces when I was a teenager and like most people, I stopped wearing my retainer. Over the years, my teeth required a realignment. I met Dr. John Bozek and his friendly staff. They suggested Invisalign and less than a year later, my teeth have never looked better. I have regained the confidence to smile and haven’t stop smiling since! Thank you Dr. Bozek and your amazing team.
    by Tracy King
    October 12, 2017
  • ​I really can't say enough about Bozek Orthodontics. My son had a great experience when he had his orthodontic work several years ago. I remember every visit was a positive experience. Now I am going through my own Invisilign procedure, and am so impressed. I was hesitant when I was considering the procedure, but after my consultation I felt confident that Dr. Bozek and his team had the expertise to ensure that I would have a successful outcome. And my results have been excellent! 5 Star Service
    by Leila Hurley
    July 26, 2017
  • I want to share my heartfelt thanks for the care Dr. Bozek provided to my 22 year old daughter after a serious fall she had a few weeks ago. While giving a friend a piggyback ride, she tripped on a raised brick and went face first into the curb. The force of the fall caused her teeth to be significantly pushed out of place and she had several facial abrasions. She spent all of that Saturday night in emergency and was released Sunday morning. Dr. Bozek met us in his office on Sunday and put the teeth back into place within 12 hours of the fall. He secured the teeth by installing braces that afternoon. Our family dentist saw her the following day and was very impressed at how Dr. Bozek was able to restore the teeth into their original position and felt his quick action would dramatically impact on the ability of the tooth roots to heal. Both of my daughters had wonderful care from Dr. Bozek when they initially had braces installed during their teen years. We certainly didn't expect a terrible fall to take us back to the office with our younger daughter at age 22. Dr. Bozek was very kind and did not charge us. We are extremely grateful for his skill and caring.
    by Carolyn Whiskin
    June 14, 2017
  • ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪
    I cannot convey strongly enough how thoroughly disgusted and angry I am with Dr. Bozek. I had braces when I was a teen for nearly 3 years, done by and adjusted throughout at Bozek Orthodontics. After they were removed, I had relatively straight teeth...for a short time. I used my retainer as faithfully as I could, but my teeth began shifting very noticeably and very quickly until my retainer no longer fit on my teeth. Upon returning to Dr. Bozek to voice this issue and having him reassess my teeth, we (my mother and I) were told that THEY, the orthodontists, had made some mistakes, including not pulling teeth, and that I now had too much overcrowding and teeth were being pushed out of place. I was then informed that if I wanted it fixed it would be ANOTHER TWO YEARS of braces, at FULL PRICE, after we had already spent thousands of dollars to have this "elite" orthodontist screw up the first time. To say we were shocked at that callous response is an understatement. We repeatedly asked him to clarify but that was his response; he screwed up and now we have to pay to fix it. My family could not and still cannot afford yet another $3000+ on braces for me. So here I am, in my early twenties now and regularly crying in frustration and embarrassment at my messed up teeth. So thank you for the years of pain, money wasted and not much else, Bozek Orthodontics.
    by Andrea P
    January 22, 2017
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Bozek Orthodontics is located at 4300 Upper Middle Road Unit 5, Burlington, Ontario.